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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Getting better I think..

So I gave in and bought a 21e coffee maker (worth the 25usd I think) to go with my 5e a pound Movenpick of Switzerland coffee. Sounds rather extravagant from over there doesn’t it... Sitting here it’s like being in Buffalo and buying Canadian beer... yeah? so what? It’s the country next door! HA - how neat is that? It’s actually very strong but smooth coffee - I’ll check the import laws - maybe I can smuggle some in. Hell - the can alone is cool - very tall brown can - could contain cocoa, could contain coffee, might contain drywall paste :-) although I can put pur arabica and gemahlen/ground together and figure it out.
Okay - yes- I am feeling much more like myself... even charmed the 18 year old at the desk into carrying all my drycleaning up to me room since I had this heavy old wine bottle and glass with me *wink* He was so cute - he was all giggly and blushing when I opened the door - I was going to ask him to bring it in but I think he would have just passed out right there - walking into a woman’s room?? oh my, oh my, oh my LOL
NOW I’m having fun!

Wish I needed two wine glasses though - one for me, one for you...


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