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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Yup.. better and the weekend is almost here...

Thursday... Even better today - walked around the mall feeling like a local... very little wandering. I even figured out where the rest rooms were. Talk about great bathroom fixtures... I really like the way they do things here in the WCs. The wet wall is extended the depth of a tile and a corner tile at a nice counter level. In this depth plus the wall depth is the toilet “tank” and most of the waste plumbing for both the toilet and the sink. There’s a 6x8 or so panel type thing that you push in on for a power flush. Very little water and seems quite effective. PLUS there’s nothing on the floor except a tiny part of the bowl base. The rest seems to be either mounted on or through the wall. The sink is mounted on the wall too so the whole feeling is clean and sleek feeling.
The moral of the story... now that I’ve had a chance to take a breath and look around.. it’s really nice here.
Hold on to your seat- this might not come across right at first...
Meeting you feels very bittersweet at times like this. I don’t know how I would have made it through the last week and a half without you to lean on. BUT - I might have felt more like myself from the beginning if I wasn’t on the pill... okay - that was sweet then bitter.
Next. If I hadn’t met you, I wouldn’t have anyone special to share these experiences with... of course, I also wouldn’t be sitting on my balcony missing you so much I know the meaning of ‘breaks my heart’ because I really can feel the pain. yup.. that was sweet first too.
So what am I trying to say, he asks with a confused look on his face.. well I guess no pain no gain huh? I feel like being able to share this whole adventure with you has made it SO much more worth the effort. This trip has been difficult because of the time difference, I don't feel like I can share as much as I usually would. I feel much more alone and it isn't as much fun when I can't just pick up the cell and call to say HEY- Guess what?? The adventure is twice as much fun when I can share it with you and I REALLY look forward to the time when you can actually JOIN ME in some of these places. THAT would really make it wonderful. Can you handle a little bit of the world sneaking into your life? Head stop spinning yet??? Hey - if life is standing still, are you living?


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