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Friday, July 09, 2004

Friday in Sindelfingen

Guten Morgen,
Can't help but think about you after speaking this morning. It's a beautiful day here - sunny with a few big cotton-balls in the sky. Yesterday's post sounds terrible doesn't it... I thought about deleting it but I thought you'd notice. Yes - I have moments of fear - what am I doing... is it worth it for you? Keeping you up until half-past midnight so you can talk to me in my sleepy morning state... blowing me away with conspiricy theories. Okay - so that kind of stuff does make me wonder some times... the lack of drywall I can handle, paranoia is a bit different. I think it's tough because my nature says "oh yeah? show me the evidence?" and since it's a phone conversation many miles away, that part doesn't come through to me. All I have is an off hand remark about something that sounds WAY out there and nothing to back it up and let me make my own decision about it - ie - is this guy nuts or do I agree... is that fair?


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