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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Wenesday night

Hi - So Katrin and I had a long afternoon of going through the nitty gritty details and firing questions at me like I was going to testify tomorrow/Friday and I'm grateful she made me verbalize everything to make sure I'm ready. This nasty little man is going to absolutely flip his lid when he sees the two page datasheet we wrote. Most of it was pretty benign to start with but he keeps cutting me off everytime I try to get info and clarify things he makes things more difficult and less clear - so the manager said. done. write it. So I wrote, and wrote, and wrote and re-wrote. The guy was upset before? Now he's going to have a stroke - either that or lunge over the table at me. I almost wish he would lunge over table. How cool would that be - to pack up and walk out of one of these things? I wonder how many people lose their jobs when that happens. Althought, then no one else at MY company would ever have to deal with him again. What a public servant I am - always making the sacrifices huh?

Enough business - my heart pounding with the thought of what I'll be facing tomorrow... but more important - you and I. You know MYLY - and I keep reminding you when my heart aches and I can take a second out of these crazy busy days I try to let you know. Please don't think it's a habit and I'm just being cute. I do it when I think I'm going to explode - then my chest aches for needing to be against yours. When my arms are limp with wanting to just fall off rather than not find themselves around you NOW.
So all this time spent on my stress these last two + weeks and my schedule... you just keep spinning through your days and your schedule with your grand accomplishements and I feel like it's all about me. What's in it for you? Why are you keeping your butt up until all hours of the night to call this wacko in Germany? I just can't figure out what could possibly keep a guy hanging on... can't be the sex. Don't get enough for that to be the draw :-)


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