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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Thoughts from the Atlanta airport

Well I’m sitting in the Atlanta airport. Busiest airport in the world? Maybe not - but those who live here say it is. The concourse I’m on is going through renovations so there are huge tubes pumping in fresh cool air and large fans blowing it around. Like I didn’t have a headache already. So I took two aleve’s and I’m sipping a cappuccino... reminding myself that even though it will be hard, the best thing to do is to stay up. It’s only 7pm here but my body thinks it’s 1 am so actually, I’m not doing to bad. I took a nap on the plane from Stuttgart - just a bit more than and hour I think. Hope I wasn’t snoring too loudly :-) but Scooby Doo Two was lousy anyway. The flight from Stuttgart was uneventful and my feet are very tired. Lots of walking today. The Stuttgart Flughafen is very large. I parked in garage P4 to return the rental and it took me 20 minutes to walk to my terminal. Of course, my travel agency had the terminal listed as number 1 and it took me another 10 minutes of wandering to find Delta over in terminal 3. Not as well organized as Atlanta that’s for sure but security was much easier. One guy random checking bags, and a few mean looking guys with very large machine guns walking around. Very courteous. Customs wasn’t bad over here. They were loaded with people, I think there were three international flights within 15 minutes of each other so things were crowded but moving fast. They didn’t even look at my carefully documented list of the money I spent here. Damn. More than I thought but I got some nice clothes and I gave in on the figurine for Mom. That was almost $70USD... and all your fault of course, you let me talk myself into it (I'm stretching :-) On this leg I’m in the emergency row so I’ll have some extra leg room. I’ll have to remember next time I book a flight to sit there if I can’t get business class.
It’s 7:24est now. All I can think of is when am I going to see you next. Wondering it I did the right thing.. I’m never sure with you... Mr. Hard-To-Read. I really wanted you to be there tonight when I get home. I’m not sure if leaving it up in the air like I did was the right thing to do. Since you worked OT and should already be at your parents by now... I’m thinking no. The balance in this relation ship is so hard. I know you have other responsibilities and it’s 10-12 hours round-trip for just a day together but I miss you so much it hurts. So I tell you - what ever works and leave it up to you. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t want you to feel pressured so sometimes I’m not sure if I express my wants and needs enough. I think we both do well understanding what each other’s responsibilities are and what the priorities are... I guess I just want to be higher up on the list. Is that wrong? Don’t get me wrong - I’m not the type to abuse the privilege. I’m just not sure where the line is... I'll shut up about it for now.


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