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Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Okay - to expand on where we didn't go last night. Often I may FEEL sexy or beautiful inside. Hopefully, you perceive and react to that ;-) as I've been told it's not a bad thing. However, I am not so naive to think that the world identifies me on the outside by the way I feel on the inside. That, I believe, is reserved for those who know my inside as well as my outside.

Just in case you were thinking of turning it around - Yup - you are very easy on the eyes. As far as being sexy - I think the biggest factor is that you don't think you are so you don't even try - I know that sounds bazaar but the guys who flex in the mirror and walk around all puffed up are not sexy - just self-absorbed. Your touch, your kiss, your general attentiveness - are very sexy to me. Okay - and the view from behind is really nice too :-)

My shoulder reached my pain threshold today - can't turn my head or lift my arm. I give. Made an appointment with Iveta, the massage therapist in Vestal. So while you are driving the tractor plugging seeds into the soil Friday afternoon - I will be basking in the hands of my very German massuse for an hou


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