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Thursday, August 12, 2004

About next Friday... I'm quite conflicted. I'm not usually this indecisive about things. It's just that my place is in such disarray I can't figure out which end is up. I won't be going to Buffalo just to bring Mom down. I don't think she's really thinking about the fact she would be riding in my car for over an hour :-). I would be open to the idea if I had a car load to take there. I can't tell until Sunday.
Another point - I don't want you to spend $120 on a room for one night. Your transportation costs will be enough. I checked Hilton properties and the closest one is in Erie PA. That's fine with me but I'm still hesitating and that usually means I need to go with my gut and not force anything to happen. Things will work out for themselves. SO - for right now - our plans will be to meet at the Comfort Inn (I'll get directions shortly) on Saturday 8/21 around 1:00pm. I'll be staying with Mom and Amanda. You will be rooming with Roger unless you were still interested in getting your own room. I'd need to know soon though!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Okay - to expand on where we didn't go last night. Often I may FEEL sexy or beautiful inside. Hopefully, you perceive and react to that ;-) as I've been told it's not a bad thing. However, I am not so naive to think that the world identifies me on the outside by the way I feel on the inside. That, I believe, is reserved for those who know my inside as well as my outside.

Just in case you were thinking of turning it around - Yup - you are very easy on the eyes. As far as being sexy - I think the biggest factor is that you don't think you are so you don't even try - I know that sounds bazaar but the guys who flex in the mirror and walk around all puffed up are not sexy - just self-absorbed. Your touch, your kiss, your general attentiveness - are very sexy to me. Okay - and the view from behind is really nice too :-)

My shoulder reached my pain threshold today - can't turn my head or lift my arm. I give. Made an appointment with Iveta, the massage therapist in Vestal. So while you are driving the tractor plugging seeds into the soil Friday afternoon - I will be basking in the hands of my very German massuse for an hou