G & M

Location: Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Friday, October 15, 2004


Okay - so I'm starting to feel the distance something awful. The phone calls are just to short and I haven't seen you in three weeks. My heart just aches. I just can't imagine how I'm going to survive the next two weeks... yeah I know... I will. But all my little insecurities start creeping in... does he love me? WHY? How long will he put up with the distance thing.... Has he applied for his passport yet? or will he never travel with me? The ultimate in grande romance - Paris in the spring (oh yeah - I told my manager and he said if he can work it out he'll get me there) would be very lonely without you.
Do I sound like a total nut case? I feel like one. All I can think of is being in your arms... But it's okay -It's Friday so I can think about you for the next two and a half days :-)